From Australia comes the heartening news that, even if the worst happens, Barbaro's racing career is not necessarily over if he happens to croak. The AP reports:

South Australia's gambling watchdog is investigating why the state's betting agency accepted a bet on a horse more than two weeks after the animal died, the gambling minister said Wednesday. The Totalisator Agency Board accepted a 5 Australian dollar ($3.75) bet this week on Chicakaloo, with odds of 200-1, to win the Epsom Handicap on Oct. 7, Gambling Minister Paul Caica said. The horse was put down Sept. 9 after breaking a leg.

They even tracked down the guy who bet on Chickaloo.

"I knew the horse was put down and I thought it was strange to see it in the market," said Tom Hunt. "So I went to the TAB to see if they'd take my money."


Chickaloo paid $1.75 (small), $3.10 (large) and $4.25 (with fries) in the concession area.

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