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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled When The Horses Unite, All Will Fall

No longer will the horses stand idly by while we whip them into submission and destroy their ankles and other important pivots. The rebellion has begun. We attempted to warn you. But you arrogant human beings did not listen.

And now look what happens: The attacks have commenced.

At a heavy horse show in Hampshire, England, a horse bolted while parading and rampaged through a crowd of people, doubtlessly seeking revenge for Eight Belles' death.

Witness Alan East said: "You could see the horse didn't look happy as it was being paraded around, it was kicking out. Then it careered off round the field and suddenly crashed through a fence and it was away. People were screaming as they saw it coming."


The best part of this is that two people standing nearby had their ankles broken. In yet another cruel irony, they were not shot on the spot. But only because horses don't yet have opposable thumbs. Give them time to evolve, and it's over.

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