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Whenever José Mourinho Faces Pressure, He Brings Up A World Crisis

On Monday, Manchester United manager José Mourinho stormed out of a press conference after his squad fell to Tottenham, 3-0. “3-0,” he said. “But also mean, three Premierships, and I’ve won more Premierships alone than the other 19 managers together.” He kept saying “respect” as he walked off stage.


That was not the only noteworthy thing Mourinho said that day. In an interview right after the match ended, Mourinho was asked about the pressure facing his team after it fell to 13th place after three weeks. He did not see any “difficult times,” in his words. “I think if you do what I did before the game, which was looking at the news, looking at Myanmar, I think that’s difficult times,” Mourinho added.

A UN report released yesterday said six senior military figures in Myanmar should be tried on charges of genocide at the International Criminal Court. At least 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled violence in Myanmar, which is terrible. It also has nothing to do with soccer. This isn’t even the first time Mourinho’s pulled this tactic. When he’s asked about the pressure he faces as a soccer manager, he has a tendency to go to this well.

Staff editor, Deadspin