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There was an interesting item in yesterday's New York Daily News gossip pages:

"Which professional athlete talks dirty in the third person? Many of his A-list conquests have had to endure "Yeah, [blank] likes it like that!"


Oh, man. The great thing about this blind item is that there are so many possibilities. Honestly, is there any pro athlete that you wouldn't put it past?

• "Get on top of C.C."

• "Visanthe likes what he sees."

• "Ichiro wants you to touch him there."

• "A-Rod likes your muscles."

But wait there's more! From today's Gatecrasher:

Which daughter of a sports legend made a sex tape with two dudes when she was just 16? Lets hope this doesn't hurt her (non-existent) showbiz career.

This one probably has much fewer options, but I'm really bad at blind item guessing. Suggestions?

Oh, and there was also an item about Plaxico Burress showing up to a charity coat drive ... without a coat. Man, this guy just can't stop misfiring.


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