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Our pal Shawn visited the National Sports Collectors Convention this weekend and wrote up some of his strangest findings over at Hall of Very Good. One item, however, caught our eye: this oil painting by Justyn Farano of the famous Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura brawl that took place 22 years ago. We’d hang this in our house (and, if you’ve got the money, you can) but we quickly came up with other baseball fights we’d love to see captured by an artist’s hand.

My personal choices would be Sandy Alomar Jr.’s karate kick of John Doherty in 1992, or perhaps Jonny Gomes punching the hell out of Coco Crisp back in 2008. Tim Marchman suggests Chan Ho Park vs. Tim Belcher, 1999. What act of onfield violence would you want as a painting? Share in the comments below.


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