Watching Sunday football is already sweetly lazy, but to take the laziness to the next level you really have to order greasy delivery, and you have to order it online.

So which fanbases are least likely to leave their apartment? The map above, based on data provided by GrubHub/Seamless from January through October, shows the bump in online food orders that each NFL market sees when its team is on TV. Overall, GrubHub/Seamless sees a 10 percent spike in online orders during NFL games, with Seattle, New England, Philly, Chicago, Miami, and Green Bay leading the pack.

Technically, the figures are based on ordering data from every city that falls within a team's Facebook fandom region, so teams with lots of casual/fake fans across the country (read: Dallas) are probably seeing their numbers depressed here a little bit. Breaking it down by food, wings get the biggest bump (+45 percent) followed by beef & broccoli (+26 percent ), while tacos (-17 percent) and guac (-20 percent) see the largest drops. It's a damn shame, because those foods are delicious.