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Which NCAA conference has cut down the most nets since '85 bracket expansion?

Virginia cuts down the nets in 2019.
Virginia cuts down the nets in 2019.
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Brace yourselves. For once, Carolina and Duke can celebrate together, because the ACC has been the conference of champions since the tournament expanded in 1985.


That’s right, despite Bill Walton uttering the phrase “conference of champions” about 735 times (when he wasn’t imitating a beaver) during the PAC 12 title game last week, it ain’t the grouping out west that has the most in recent memory.

In the span of 30 years, the Atlantic Coast Conference has won 11 national titles. Sure, most championships have been won by a team in the research triangle, but a win for the conference is a win for the conference. Am I right, other ACC schools?

Here’s the list of previous ACC winners.

1991 Duke

1992 Duke

1993 UNC

2001 Duke

2002 Maryland

2005 UNC

2009 UNC

2010 Duke

2015 Duke

2017 UNC

2019 Virginia

The Big East is next in line with eight NCAA championships, then the SEC at six, the Big Ten at three, Pac 12 at two and a couple of old or irrelevant conferences at one.

In addition to holding the most championship trophies, the ACC also has the best winning percentage and most March Madness wins of any conference since 1985.

And for the fifth straight tournament, the ACC has at least seven teams dancing in March.