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Anna Gristina, a New York madam who is currently serving a five-year probation stint after being convicted of promoting prostitution, told the New York Post that she is planning to reveal the names of some of her bigger clients on an episode of Dr. Phil. What's more, Gristina claims that one of these clients is "high-level [NFL] management."

So, let's try to figure out who this philandering NFL exec is. Could it be Dan Snyder? Roger Goodell? The re-animated corpse of Wellington Mara?


Gristina did offer something of a hint:

Asked if those names would be "giant" with a capital "G," the Hockey Mom Madam gave a distinctly mischievous laugh that portends bad news for the bigwig client.


Put your predictions in the discussion section, using this rubric:

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Go nuts!

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