The winningest coach in Arena Football history is finding his computer contents displayed to the world as part of a lawsuit. Among the material: "a video of two naked women using a funnel and fish to commit an unnatural sex act."

Tampa Bay Storm coach Tim Marcum is suing one of the former owners of the franchise, but that owner is apparently taking the "I don't pay you to look at porn" defense. So the contents of Marcum's computer are up for discussion in court, and there's some juicy stuff. Racist e-mail forwards, and porn, lots of porn.


"Some of the material on his computer included Air Force One as Watermelon One; an e-mail comparing Michelle Obama to a chimpanzee; and frequent use of the "N" word in other parodies and e-mails." And the aforementioned fish/funnel video, which we're assuming is Japanese. Definitely Japanese. Or maybe Brazilian.

But perhaps more interesting is where the offending material came from: e-mail forwards from friends, like former NFL QB Steve DeBerg. Does this look like a man who would forward horrible things to his entire address book? Well, kind of, yeah.

He's not the only one. Also on Marcum's e-mail list are Jevon Kearse, Tony Siragusa and the late Steve McNair. That's disgusting. These are unnatural acts. Why can't people learn to keep their videos of women sticking fish inside each other to themselves, like the rest of us do?


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