When the 49ers begin playing in the new Levi's Stadium this season they'll be 43.3 miles away from San Francisco's downtown as seen in the chart above from Redditor Tashre. But the Niners, now playing in Santa Clara, aren't the only NFL team having to drive outside their team's namesake city. According to this table, nine teams play their games in a municipality that isn't implied in the team's name.

Seven NFL teams have a drive of more than 20 minutes from their namesake city's downtown to their stadium. Nine teams have more than 10 miles to drive from downtown to the stadium. New England, as usual, gets off easy because it's based in Foxborough despite effectively being a Boston team.

Houston had the farthest away stadium (9.1 miles) while still being in city limits. Teams with the highest average driving distances were in the AFC East (15.7 miles) and the NFC West (15.9 miles). The teams with the shortest drives were in the AFC North (1.3 miles) and the NFC South (1.7 miles).