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Which One Is The Dinosaur? We Keep Forgetting

Who is more despised among Colorado Rockies fans right now; their own mascot, Dinger, or Tony Kornheiser? It's a close call, and there's actually a petition afloat to get rid of one of them once and for all.

The charges, as levied by Rockies blog The Latest Word. First, Dinger:

We here in Denver play home to the absolutely worst carpet-covered, shit-and-Febreze-smelling, sorry excuse for a cheerleading, anthropomorphized cartoon fossil. We even have a state dinosaur and the Rockies couldn't even bring themselves to put an androgynous stegasaurus in a jersey with no pants.


And on Kornheiser:

Like most sports commentators, Tony Kornheiser is too busy falling all over himself for the Phillies, or, more accurately, reporting the Mets "historic collapse" like it was the fall of the Alamo. Kornheiser is self-deprecating enough to confess his East Coast bias and admit his pick of the Phillies over the Rockies is due in large part because "I can't name anybody on the other team." But to claim an inconclusive call at home plate is the primary reason the Rockies are in the post-season, or, worst yet, imply that a World Championship would be tainted because of it, is to misrepresent the Rockies entire storyline to millions of viewers.

It does indeed seem ludicrous to imply that, in an age of rampant steroid abuse, that Monday's call at home plate on Matt Holliday would somehow taint the rest of the playoffs.

As for Dinger, the most efficient way to get rid of him is to alert Barney's copyright lawyers as to his existence.


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