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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Which Sports Baby Is The Best Sports Baby?

This is video of two-year-old Kahlei Stone-Kelly, just zooming around on a skateboard in his diaper like he was a grown man instead of a baby. (He's gone "viral," as those in the know might say.) We were all set to name Kahlei sports baby of the day, but a challenger-baby suddenly emerged:

No idea what MMA baby's name is, if he even has one, or how old he is. He's just wailing away, throwing in a few knee strikes, and generally being impressive for a baby. He's leaving himself wide open to counters, and I think I could probably take him, but he gets some slack since he's a baby and all.


Clearly, only one of these babies can be today's best sports baby. We thought of having them fight it out, or have a skate-off, but both of those options would seem to give one an unfair advantage and also be morally suspect. So we leave it up to you. Weigh in below. But we already know who the worst sports baby is.

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