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Now that we've made it out of the Group of Death, we can sit back and watch the final matches of Group H, which will determine who the USMNT and Germany face in the World Cup's next round. C'mon South Korea and Algeria!

TeamPointsGoal DifferentialGoals ForGoals Against
South Korea1-235

Belgium play South Korea while Algeria meet Russia. Belgium are already through to the next round, though for USMNT purposes, these matches still hold a great deal of import. A South Korean win coupled with an Algerian victory could mean Algeria win the group and would meet the Americans in the next round. It's a bit of a long shot, but if Costa Rica can do it, why not Algeria? They'd love to stick it to the Germans.


If Algeria win, they are in. In most cases, a draw will also be enough for qualification, unless South Korea beat Belgium by three or more goals. A loss, though, and they are out.



The Russians must win to advance, and a win will likely do the trick. The only thing that would prevent a Russian win from sending them through would be South Korea beating Belgium by one goal more than the Russians' winning margin.


South Korea

South Korea have only a slim chance at playing past this week. Their only hope is for Russia to draw or win, and for them to beat Belgium by enough goals to make up the goal difference against either Russia or Algeria.


Charts by Reuben Fischer-Baum

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