The balance of power in the American League shifted toward Detroit today with the Tigers' surprise signing of Prince Fielder. So did the center of mass.

By adding Fielder to Miguel Cabrera, Detroit has invested $366 million in a pair of heavy sluggers. The 5-foot-11 Fielder is listed at 275 pounds, and the 6-foot-4 Cabrera showed up for spring training last year at 270. That gives Fielder a 38.4 Body Mass Index to go with his 38 home runs last year; Cabrera slugged 30 homers with a BMI of 32.9.

Overall, in their careers, the two have combined for 507 home runs and have weighed in at 545 pounds. If they add 20.5 home runs and 2.5 more pounds apiece this year, they'll reach the 550 milestone in both departments. And with Cabrera signed through 2015, each member of the tandem needs to average a mere 11.7 home runs per season, while gaining 6.9 pounds, for them to reach the fabled 600 mark.