While You're Watching the Games, Big Red's Watching You

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Need another reason to be thankful that potential bracket-buster Western Kentucky got bounced by Gonzaga? Images like this one will no longer haunt your dreams.

Yes, Big Red, Western Kentucky's mascot and Grimace's evil cousin, can now go back to terrorizing Hilltop children, or whatever it is he does during the offseason. Joining him in exile are Arizona State's evil French opera singer, Dayton's constipated fighter pilot, Wisconsin's guy from V for Vendetta, Oklahoma State's Burt-Reynolds-as-a-cowboy, and Cleveland State's Lonely Viking, all of whose teams lost today.


Updates from game's currently in progress: top seeded Louisville is up double-digits on ninth-seed Siena late in the firstl And at the half, second-seed Michigan State leads tenth-seed USC by 3, and number three Missouri is up eleven on number six Marquette.


That's all for today. Enjoy the remainder of the games, and try to get to bed early tonight. You look exhausted.


Thanks to Jason Brough of Orland Kurtenblog for the pic.