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White-Supremacist Bozos Appropriated The Detroit Red Wings Logo

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Here was an unexpected feature of Friday’s torch-lit Neo-Nazi white nationalist march in Charlottesville: a bunch of racist bozos marching around with placards featuring the Detroit Red Wings logo:


Look at these fucking losers, man:


There was enough of this weirdness, and it was noticed by enough people, that the Detroit Red Wings eventually had to say something:


So, just what the hell is going on there? The website Russian Machine Never Breaks has a useful explainer, identifying the dirtbags carrying around the Red Wings logo as members of a group called the Detroit Right Wings:

A group of white nationalists called the Detroit Right Wings have appropriated the team’s winged wheel logo, sticking it on the shields they carry.

The Detroit Right Wings (motto: Rust Reforged!) are a Michigan-based group of Identitarians, an anti-immigrant vein of white nationalism that counts Richard Spencer among its proponents.


These bozos have a social media presence, and took to YouTube in July to raise $2,500 to fund their Charlottesville field trip. The GoFundMe was massively unsuccessful, raising a grand total of $328 from four total donations. Screw these morons.

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