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There's nothing sadder than a big blank space where your cable show's programming schedule used to be. Exactly what fate has befallen Sports Unfiltered with Dennis Miller, the Versus series that made America fall in love with elephant polo references once again? It's a mystery (for some reason, Versus isn't returning my calls). All that remains of it on the Versus site is this smoking husk, which includes nary a word on the fate of the series that debuted just a scant two months ago.


My best guess is that the show has been canceled. But instead of mourning, I prefer to remember the good times; guests like Jose Canseco, Pete Rose and Warren Sapp (did Miller ever land someone who was actually still active?). Segments like "Ask Dennis," and "Photo Captions." The commercials for bull riding. Good times. It's also possible that Dennis just ditched the whole thing to concentrate on his next big enterprise: NBC's Amne$ia, the game show. Yep, that's a dollar-sign you see in place of the S ... so you know it's going to be good.

Oh well, at least we can count on Friday Night Lights being around forever and ever.

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