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Who Wouldn't Want A Mo Williams Tall Tee?

Alex is the biggest Cavaliers fan that he knows, and he prefers to wear his passion in the form of homemade clothing dotted with references to LeBron's Team.

He made a camouflage Cavaliers shirt "for when you don't want anyone to see you while you're in the desert, but you still want to support the team." Then there's the original Let's Get Z-Tarded shirt "showing support for the big guy." Also, a plain white tee depicting Delonte West "dunking a whole Popeyes chicken into a Popeyes bucket, just one of the many talents of the Renaissance Man Delonte West," and a Ben Wallace portrait on a paper towel because "he's always cleaning up messes for us." Art nouveau!


And now, Alex presents what might be his magnum opus: a Mo Williams tall tee to "send some energy his way."

Where can I order one?


That's all for today. The boss is back tomorrow, and I'm headed outside to verify that it is, indeed, as sunny as it looks. Treat this as your open thread for the LeBronathon tonight, and do everything else you usually do here. Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin.


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