Oh, how to fill those dog days of summer, when the sports marketplace bleeds into a repetitive cycle of baseball highlights and reports from NFL minicamp. (And occasional WNBA scores.) ESPN has come up with a clever way of spicing matters up. And by "clever," we mean, "soul-crushingly lame." And it's gonna every "SportsCenter," starting tonight, for the next two months.

ESPN during tonight's 6:00pm ET edition of "SportsCenter" will launch "Who's Now," a daily series to determine the "Ultimate Sports Star." Fan nominations and ESPN research this month will select 32 athletes who will be slotted into brackets, which will be revealed during a selection special on June 29. ESPN's Stuart Scott will then host a "Who's Now" segment in every July edition of "SportsCenter" that will debate matchups. Fan voting on ESPN.com and an ESPN panel will determine the winner, with one athlete eliminated each day, until the winner is revealed on August 1st.

First off, Stuart Scott has never been more perfectly suited for anything that didn't involve David Blaine. We would like to formally nominate Harold Reynolds and Mark Shapiro. Producer Glenn Jacobs says, "We're stealing our model directly from ABC's Dancing with the Stars." Yes, Glenn. Yes you are.

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