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Who's Sorry Now? Curt Schilling Edition

The Curt Schilling/Barry Bonds Tempest in a Specimen Cup took another odd turn on Wednesday, as friends and loved ones of the Red Sox pitcher hastily organized an intervention on his behalf. On Tuesday Schilling lit into Bonds, with the famous "He admitted to cheating on his wife, cheating on his taxes, and cheating on the game," quote on the radio. But on Wednesday, after a rebuke from Sox manager Terry Francona (with Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow even chiming in), Schilling decided to cut his losses.

"Regardless of my opinions, thoughts and beliefs on anything Barry Bonds it was absolutely irresponsible and wrong to say what I did," Schilling said on his blog. "... It was a callous, wreckless and irresponsible thing to say, and for that I apologize to Barry, Barry's family, Barry's friends and the Giants organization, my teammates and the Red Sox organization as well as anyone else that may have been offended by the comments I made."


Oh, and don't worry: Schilling did not ignore his base on the religious right:

"Quite a few people have tossed Biblical references my way in the past week or so after the Thorne incident in Baltimore talking about turning the other cheek and being above the fray. The only perfect human to walk the face of the earth died a few thousand years ago, that much I know."

Well, that's vague. Did he mean him?

Elsewhere in regret:

• "Sorry I'm not anywhere near as good as my dad." — Jack Elway.

• "Oh shit, heads! Sorry about that, Freddy!" — Golfer.

• "Sorry my dogs ate your house." — Michael Vick

• Sorry about the war and stuff. — Tony Blair.

• "Sorry for annoying the giraffe." — Drunken lout.

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