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So much for the dumbest business idea of the year. Last month, Arian Foster announced that fans would be able to buy stock in his future earnings as a "brand", which was preposterous for a number of reasons we listed at the time (read those below). This month, Arian Foster is out for the season, and his partner Fantex Holdings has issued a wonderfully dour email to potential buyers.

Fantex, Inc. confirmed reports today that Arian Foster will undergo season ending back surgery, and as a result, announced that it is postponing the offering for Fantex Arian Foster.

We feel this is a prudent course of action under the current circumstances. We continue to support Arian and his brand, and we wish him well in his recovery. We will continue to work with him through his recovery and intend to continue with this offering at an appropriate time in the future based on an assessment of these events.

Fantex, Inc.

But really, who could have seen an injury coming for a 27-year-old running back with a historic workload?


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