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Why Did FanHouse Pull Video Of Antonio Margarito And Brandon Rios Joking About Freddie Roach's Parkinson's? (UPDATE)

Prepping for his fight with Manny Pacquiao, Margarito and Rios made some ill-advised jokes about Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach's Parkinson's disease. The video, shot by a FanHouse "reporter," was edited to take out the bad stuff, then deleted altogether. Here it is.

Both of these guys need image rehab. Margarito is making his first fight in America since receiving a ban for loading his gloves against Shane Mosley. Lightweight Rios took flack for calling rival Victor Ortiz a "faggot," a "white wannabe," and saying he "embellished" his life story of being abandoned by both his parents. The leak of this video isn't going to help their standing in the community.


But the real story is of the video itself. Shot by Elie Seckbach, who seems to pride himself more on being buddies with the fighters he covers, it went live on FanHouse last night. It was quickly pulled, and minutes later, replaced with an edited version that made it look like Margarito was "scared" of Roach. Bam Bam Rios's shakes were removed altogether. A half-hour later, the edited version was deleted altogether. There's no sign of it on FanHouse.


A "pirated" version of the original footage was posted to YouTube and briefly made the rounds on the boxing blogs, but even that has been taken down after a copyright claim. We're hosting the unedited video just to show you what FanHouse, an ostensibly unbiased source of journalism, censored in the name of keeping on good terms with the athletes they cover.

UPDATE: FanHouse reposted the video today, with the editor's note: "The above video was previously pulled in error. We apologize, and it is now available, in full." We assume it was also initially edited to remove the offending segment "in error."


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