Winners: I'm sure Serena Williams is advertising something here, but unless it's her cleavage, I doubt anyone is buying. [Black Sports Online]

Speaking of female tennis players and their underwear: Australian Open officials are planning to crack down on skimpy and/or invisible attire this year, which means that once again, our Australian Open coverage will probably be a little thin. [Bob's Blitz]

Speaking of Australian balls: I don't understand cricket at all, but was that guy supposed to let the ball him there? [YouTube]

Typical: Really, New York Mets? Was that the best you could do on a commemorative patch? If only you'd had some sort of warning about Citi Field, you could have put a little more effort into it. [I Truly Have No Life]

Shut your mouth and know your role: Don't even think about talking back to Tim Brando. You'll talk about Auburn when he's ready to let you talk, understand? [Fire Perno]


Bring back Tim Calhoun: Yes, we saw Saturday Night Live's BCS song. Not Will Forte's finest moment, but that doesn't make it not true. [Sports Rubbish]