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Why Latest Tiger Madam Could Be Full of Crap: The Manning Files

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So for tonight's Eagles/Giants showdown, I figured this would be the best time to drop this snippet of scurrilous rumor courtesy of that opportunistic madam, Michelle Braun, who keeps insisting some of Tiger's mistresses are whores from her agency.

It turns out Braun was peddling a tell-all last year about some of her high profile clients and started name-dropping them to one editor. Here's his recap of their conversation:

I met her last year when she was peddling a book. I asked her about her client list and after rattling off the usual suspects—Charlie Sheen, Prince Andrew..—I said "C'mon, surprise me." Then she dropped this: "Would Eli Manning surprise you?" After the peanuts fell out of my mouth, I asked "Any other high profile jocks?", and she smiled "What's it worth to you?"
"Well, it could be worth a book contract if the name is big enough," I replied. But she won't give anybody else up.
Don't you think she would have mentioned Tiger if she was really servicing him in order to secure that book contract? I'm now starting to think that today's story is bullshit and she's so desperate to sell her story that she's jumping on the Tiger slutwagon.


Great point. Unfortunately, leaving Tiger off the list also calls her Eli-outing into question. But more preposterous things have happened. And it's long been suggested that the Manning boys aren't the slack-jawed, wide-eyed innocents we think they are. Take for example these emails I received from an Indianapolis party girl (who knew?!) soon after Tiger's numerous transgressions were being made public. [Sic'd]:

and this is just about the time that tiger wishes peyton manning's mistresseS would come out and tell their stories... his day is coming.. and i bet he is thinking OHHH SHIT right at this moment... :-)

the two people in sports that have the squeaky clean images.. tiger woods and peyton manning.. both of whom are more alike than people realize.. Im just saying.. peytons dirt will come out some day as well.. just like tiger.. people knew about it.. just whispered and it didnt get out till now..

by living in indianapolis and in that crowd... there are whispers all around.. im just surprised it hasnt gotten out yet.. now dont think i am a scorned girl or anything like that.. i could care less.. i mostly blame the women that throw themselves at the athletes.. i had heard of his trysts.. but didnt want to believe it.. wanted to believe what we are shown on tv... then was utterly letdown when i had the unfortunate experience of having to turn the offer down and now knowing all the whispers are true...
just saying.. his day will come to...

Follow you completely.. but just because Tiger may have done it this way.. doesnt mean Peyton follows that script.. Now, I cant speak for what he does on vacations or trips to vegas.. bc i only know of what has happened in indianapolis.. i guess call peyton more low key.. as far as what I know... but I am sure I dont know even half of it.. Im well aware of the whole girls being flown in and all that goes with that.. but that is not what i am talking about with peyton.. his is more "normal' as far as i know.. i met him through a friend on the team.. we all were hanging out together.. but what is different bw he and tiger is that to the best of my knowledge.. peyton and ashley have an "open" marriage.. soo she has her fun too...

Huh. Can we even be shocked by these groundless (but yet so plausible!) accusations at this point? We have one person claiming that Eli's been whore-mongering for years and that Peyton's got his own stable of nightclub ponies he likes to get down and dirty with in Indy. Oh, and he has an open marriage.

Hopefully, neither one of the Manning boys will run over a fire hydrant anytime soon or else they also could become TMZ chum. In due time, children. In due time.


Update: Apparently Eli's own transgressions have made the interwebs already. Even Leitch wrote about it.



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