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Why The Fuck Are Your Stadium Lights On?

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Reader Brian Mendonca sent us this photo of AT&T Park in San Francisco last night. "AT&T Park lit up like a Christmas tree. No sign of any events going on..."

I covered this in the Jamboroo yesterday, but it bears repeating: There's no reason at all for any college or pro stadium to leave their fucking lights on if there isn't a game being played. It's just common sense. True, I'm not immune to Stadium Drive-By Awe, where I drive by any stadium on a highway and shout to anyone in the car, "LOOK! IT'S A BIG FUCKING STADIUM! SWEET!"


But that hardly qualifies as a good reason to waste untold kilowatts of power every goddamn night. It's not as if everyone rides by horseback and needs a giant, glowing landmark to get their bearings. Are they trying to keep robbers out? Then they can jolly well use motion sensor-activated lights, so that the lights only come on if someone is being raped in the infield.

Otherwise, turn off your lights, stadium operators of America. I need that wattage to leave my computer and TV turned on at night.

UPDATE: Reader Jay writes in:

Here in Charlotte, I have driven past Bank of America stadium for years now and the lights are on most evenings (till 10:00 or so) during football season. Met someone that works for the Panthers and asked him why – told me, the cheerleaders practice three nights a week in the stadium under the lights... Amazing.


That's fucking stupid.

UPDATE 2: Reader Justice:

I worked at Gillette for three seasons. (This is not the same as working for the Patriots and they let you know it every damn day.) The interesting thing is that the stadium actually gets most of its business from functions that take place in the clubhouses (the red seats you see on TV). Mostly it's corporations, but they also do a ton of bar mitzvahs. Anyways, while the lights were not on every night, if you have a function at the stadium you have the option to leave the field lights on, which, if you think about it, is the only reason to have your party at a football stadium. The cost? $1,000 - AN HOUR. Every time I worked any type of function and saw the lights on I was reminded that rich people are really quick to spend their money foolishly.

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