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Why Yes, One Cleveland Writer Did Make Osama Bin Laden's Death About LeBron James

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And it wasn't Scott Raab (yet).

All credit goes to Waiting For Next Year, which if you'll recall once wondered aloud if the Cavs could sue Sports Illustrated For Kids for a certain Miami Big Three cover. This morning they spent some quality time reading Osama Bin Laden's lengthy NY Times obituary. If you've read it, I'm sure you've already drawn your own comparisons between a pro basketball player and the world's most wanted man, a universally reviled murderer.

While the majority of Bin Laden's story had been well-documented to this point, I could not help but pick out certain items that not only raised an eyebrow individually, but even more so as they began to pile up.

The following are line-items quoted directly from the Times piece:

"Osama - the name means "young lion."

"He summoned reporters to a cave in Afghanistan when he needed to get his message out, but like the most controlling of C.E.O.'s he insisted on receiving written questions in advance."

"The world's most threatening terrorist, he was also known to submit to frequent dressings down by his mother."

"He created training camps for his foot soldiers, a media office to spread his word, and even "shuras," or councils, to approve his military plans and his fatwas. [...] Bin Laden had established new training camps in Sudan, but he became a man without a country"

"Bin Laden would say in retrospect that he was always aware who his enemies were."

"In an interview with Time magazine that December, he brushed aside President Clinton's threats against him, and referred to himself in the third person, as if recognizing or encouraging the notion that he had become larger than life."

After tweeting several of the passages above, I know that I'm not alone in the eerily similar references. Obviously, under no circumstances do I feel that the two men in question (the other, you can decide for yourself) are even mentionable within the same frame of mind when it comes to being a person. But as a Clevelander, as a sports fan who also happens to be a contributing editor on this very blog, I felt that I would be remiss if I did not share them with you all.


Oh for fuck's sake.

Bin Laden Obit Provides Eerie Notes Worth Mentioning [Waiting For Next Year]
[h/t Matt]

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