Why Your City Sucks

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Looks like the Maloof brothers got a hold of the Jumbotron controls while drunk again. In what the team says will be a regular feature, when the Pistons were introduced last night, the Kings ran a feature about the city of Detroit on the scoreboard. You can probably guess what it was: horrible visions of poverty and crime on the streets, pestilance and suffering, Meg White's teeth, that kind of stuff.

The Pistons, particularly coach Flip Saunders, were furious, and the Kings have officially apologized, with the Maloofs saying, "it's not us, and it's not the way we do things around here." (Cough.) We really can't imagine what would happen if they really do these lead-ins for every team. John Wayne Gacy photos for the Bulls? When Denver comes to town, do they show Kobe on the scoreboard? And, heck, they'd have all kinds of choices when NOOCH came to town.


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