Are you a Dallas Mavericks fan, frustrated by your inability to adequately chronicle in a collective fashion each and every move of your trusted hardwood heroes? Worry not! Mark Cuban would like you to make your voice heard.

In a sports first, as far as we can tell, the Mavericks have launched a Mavericks Wiki, with recaps from each game from a communal fan perspective. The site is just starting, right here, and the early focus is on Mavericks history. (We suggest starting off with some old Derek Harper action.) It's a clever idea, though, predictably, it's heavily monitored, so your hopes of documenting Barbaro's 74 points to beat Yao Ming last week are likely not to be realized.


It's another contribution to the INTERNET REVOLUTION from Mavs owner Mark Cuban. If the idea really catches on, and it then sells for billions of dollars to Google, we reserve the right to take a cue from Cuban and criticize the deal every day for two months on our blog while occasionally slipping out to get drunk with students at our former college.

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