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Will Bill Self Be The Next To Forsake Kansas?

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OK, Kansas fans, we give: After Saturday's first-half shellacking of North Carolina by Kansas, we can no longer deny you the proper admiration, even if your coach did break our Illini fan heart. Bill Self, just one week ago known as the guy who couldn't get past the Elite Eight, might be the most respected coach in the country right now. Which is why it's fitting that there are already rumors he might leave.

Kansas, of course, is one of the top four jobs in the country, but Self is from Oklahoma — remember, his first job, from back when he had his real hair, was at Oral Roberts — and Oklahoma State, led by eccentric multimillionaire T. Boone Pickens, might offer him $40 million for 10 years. Win or lose tonight.

After what he's accomplished at Kansas, it's time to make Bill Self one of the highest-paid coaches in college basketball. If Kansas doesn't, then Oklahoma State certainly will.

The numbers may be far-fetched, but the buzz circulating throughout the Final Four is that Oklahoma State is prepared to offer Self a 10-year, $40 million deal that would include a $10 million bonus if Self remains in Stillwater throughout the contract's entirety. Most of that money would come from oil tycoon and prominent Cowboys booster Boone Pickens, who during the past five years has donated more than $230 million to the school for matters relating to both athletics and academics.


Sheesh: Honestly, poor Kansas. Every time they make the national title game, there's a chance their coach is lured away. Though we honestly can't imagine Self, after a Kansas loss tonight, saying, "you know, I could give a shit about Oklahoma State right now."

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