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Will Bynum Suspended One Game For Punching Tyler Hansbrough

What do you do when you want to take a swing at a guy nine inches taller? Do what Will Bynum did and slug Tyler Hansbrough in the gut. Pow. Not so tall now, is he?

Bynum was frustrated Saturday night, frustrated with the Pistons' record and with getting blown out by the Pacers and with being unable to fight through a Hansbrough screen on the inbounds pass. So he popped Hansbrough. He was immediately ejected, and last night the NBA announced he'll serve a one-game suspension.

"It wasn't intentional, but it kind of happens throughout the course of the game," Bynum said. "The game was kind of physical. It was during the heat of the moment."


Judging from the video, I'm not sure Bynum is using the most common definition of "intentional" (in fact, it sounds like he's using it to mean "premeditated," but no one plans to hit Tyler Hansbrough—it just kind of happens). Regardless, he'll miss tonight's game vs. the Hawks and have plenty of time to think about what he's done.

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