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Will Cards Return Home To See Busch Off?

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Well, tonight's the night when we'll discover if Busch Stadium, the home of the Cardinals since our father was 16 years old (and the place we spent pretty much every other summer Sunday afternoon until we were that age), will be torn down without Cardinals fans truly being able to say goodbye. After yesterday's crushing 2-1 Game 4 loss, St. Louis is one claustrophobic Dick Cheney Field loss from the old stadium being busted up in two short weeks, no sign off game, no thanks for the memories, just gone.


This makes us tremendously sad, of course, though if the Cardinals did come back and win this series, we'd be hard-pressed to take much joy in the Astros plight, who would have suffered their most grueling, cruel loss in a history full of them. At this point, the average Cardinal fan would just like to see something, a trip back home so we can say goodbye the way we're supposed to, people not wanting to leave, stealing seats, trying to sneak on the field to pull up some grass, maybe slide into second base before security starts beating us. A series win would be nice, but after three horrific games, we just want to get back home, dress in our goofy red sweaters with our dopey signs, have one last memory before signing off. Is that too much to ask?

Game time is 8 p.m. We think we hear "Taps" playing somewhere.

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