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Will No One Protect This Aspiring Martial Artist From Himself?

Here are the facts: Sri Lanka recently became one of the latest countries to launch a show in Simon Cowell’s Got Talent! series, which is aptly called Sri Lanka’s Got Talent!; Sudarshana Deshappriya is someone who has Got Talent, martial arts talent to be specific; Deshappriya ran into some painful-looking trouble trying to display that talent.

After successfully yelling and destroying some bricks with his flexed arms, Deshappriya tried to whack himself over the head, which is where his whole routine unraveled, as he toppled over and crashed to the ground. Undeterred by what looks like an obvious head injury, he continued his crusade against the bricks.

Cruelest of all, Deshappriya was voted through by the judges and will continue along on the show. “We respect your strength and we love that strength,” judge Jackson Anthony said. “That’s why we stopped it. You are talented—a warrior—and this is enough to prove that.” I shudder at the thought of how Deshappriya will try to top himself.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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