Will The Real Joba Please Stand Up?

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In a move that soils the impeccable reputation of the Jersey shore, 29-year old Ryan Ward was caught using his physical resemblance to Joba Chamberlain to get girls into bed.

"Well, I hooked up with over 62 at least," he said, making reference to Chamberlain's number. "I got slapped a few times and yelled at, too, but I'd say there were about 20 or 30 of them who had no idea who I really was." Even women who knew Ward wasn't really a Yankee often played along anyway, he said. "Some of them found it amusing. Some of them didn't even care," he said.

Girls can be so dumb sometimes. It makes me ashamed to be both female and from Jersey. The look-alike, who started his quest in June, was finally busted and released on $10,000 bail. No word on whether he instituted his own Joba rules. Somewhere the real Joba is wondering why the "I'm Joba" pick-up line doesn't work for him. Maybe he should try it on more girls from Jersey.