Willie McGinest, Logic Monolith

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This picture of new Cleveland Browns defensive end Willie McGinest — by the way, did you realize where Browns training camp was? Berea! — shows him wearing No. 55, the number he has worn since he played for USC more than a decade ago.

McGinest loves the number so much, in fact, that he's blasting the Patriots for giving the number away after he left the team. But this is where the logic gets screwy. McGinest originally wore the number to honor Junior Seau, who had the digits just before McGinest at USC. So Seau, wanting to wear it now that he plays in New England but wanting to show respect — whatever that means anymore — to McGinest, called him and asked if would be OK to wear it. McGinest said yes ... and then turned and trashed the Patriots for even asking.


Quoth the McGinest: "What if I had went to San Diego? I don't even think that would have been an option for me to ask for 55 I think they would have said, 'You know what, you're a great player, but we've got to put this number to the side because of Junior.' And out of respect, I wouldn't have asked for the number."

OK, so we're really confused. McGinest is angry because Seau — the reason he wears 55 — called him and asked to wear the number, even though McGinest said yes. And did we mention we're talking about a freaking jersey number here? You know what? Athletes are dumb.


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