When Buzz Bissinger smells blood, Buzz Bissinger attacks. You know this already. I just dig how it makes for quality after-school-rumble 140-character entertainment like it did today, when his old/new paper (the Philadelphia Inquirer) ran an above-the-A1-fold piece on how difficult having a couple of buck-wild incarcerated kids - one of whom was more than willing to mule his precious pills into jail via rectal insertion - was. It included such passages as ...

He was a very successful coach of a very successful franchise in the National Football League. But for a few hours every week, he had no ego, no pride, no status. Reid was just a father concerned about his incarcerated sons, who were addicted to drugs.

Reid went to the prisons to help, to offer support, to give a lifeline to Garrett and Britt, who were in jail on drug-related offenses. It did not scar him, but it did leave calluses.

"It was a good experience," the 52-year old Reid said. "But not one I'd like to do again."

And ...

Although a team insider said the Luries weren't happy with the negative attention Reid's family problems brought to the franchise, Reid said he never feared he'd get fired over it. He had bigger issues.

"I think you get to the point where you really don't care," Reid said. "You know, when that thing happens, you don't . . ." His voice trailed off.

"That's the right answer," [Eagles President Joe] Banner said.

I could go on, but I'll let Buzz do that.

Surprised online version of Reid story wasn't accompanied by violin strings, wails of tears, and Barry Mantilow. What a crock of shit.

Understand one of Reid's kids just scored job doing public relations for Michael Vick: Next time he goes to party, leave loaded Uzzi home.

Final comment on Reid: Prepares 100s of hours a week. How come clock management like Mister Magoo?


Yep. That's how we do in the 215.

I'll say this much, though: Reid's time management is more offensive than Donovan McNabb's puking all over the Super Bowl field.


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AP Photo of Reid with sons Garrett (left) and Britt (center)