Without Eternal Vigilance, It Could Happen Outside Of Your City College Women's Softball Practice

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Santa Barbara police arrested a "middle-aged male" for masturbating in the parking lot where the Santa Barbara City College softball team was practicing. Carl Monday is not amused.

Whatever you think of this guy, at least know that he came prepared. When campus security confronted him and looked into his car, they found paper towels, moisturizer and a "Barely Legal" magazine. Police identified the man as Harold Hall.


From The Channels, the Santa Barbara City College campus newspaper:

A city college student and softball player discovered Hall at 11 a.m. in the La Playa east parking lot, facing the stadium. While retrieving books from her car parked next to his, she saw him in the driver's seat, committing the lewd act with his shorts down. When she left the parking lot at 12:30 p.m. the student saw the man still in his car, and recorded the license plate number. She then called Congleton, her coach, who in turn notified the security office.

Security Supervisor Eric Fricke responded to the call, arriving in the parking lot at approximately 12:45. He found the vehicle described to him, blocking it in to prevent the man from leaving. Fricke questioned Hall, who eventually caved in to the evidence-beyond that of his masturbation accessories in the car, there was an eyewitness to the act.


Indecent exposure is running rampant at SBCC, it seems.

During fall semester, three reports of indecent exposure on campus have been reported. This is the second arrest that has been made, the first being a bagger from Von's, according to Paula Congleton, a City College softball coach.

The Action 4 News chopper is speeding toward southern California as we speak. Carl Monday smells another Emmy!


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