Witnesses: Rio Media Bus Shot At While Returning Passengers To Olympic Park

A bus carrying media personnel and volunteers between Olympic venues was attacked in Rio this evening, according to multiple media reports. Several people who were on the bus described the attack as gunfire. Initial reports said the bus was shot at on the Trans Olympic Highway when the attack happened.


Reuters quoted Sherryl “Lee” Michaelson, a retired US air force captain who is working for a basketball publication in Rio, saying “We were shot at. I mean we could hear the report of the gun.”

According to several reports, police have said the attack was done by stones, not rocks. But this Estadão report, via Google translate, points out that the police also did not bother to inspect the bus as well as other details, like marks on the glass and bursts themselves, that make the stones explanation seem unlikely. The Olympic Games Organizing Committee has opened an investigation into the incident.


We’ll update this story as we learn more.