The Wizards and Celtics play tonight, and it’ll be their third meeting this season. The first two encounters featured John Wall scuffling with Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder touching Wall’s nose with a single finger, and Bradley Beal smirking at Smart. The Wizards decided to set the tone for this round by showing up to the building wearing all black.

It’s a bold idea, one for which Beal takes credit. Everyone on the team seems to have participated. CSN’s Chase Hughes took video as the players arrived:

Otto Porter wore sunglasses:


Marcin Gortat was just being supportive:

Ian Mahinmi isn’t even healthy, but he didn’t want to be the odd man out:


Beal, of course, showed up in the proper attire:

Head coach Scott Brooks didn’t have much to say beyond being happy that the players were “doing something as a team.” Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas called it “cute,” and laughed:


The Wizards better win, because if they don’t, may the memes have mercy on their souls. No team should aim to be associated with the Houston Texans and their letterman jackets.