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We're not really going to join the growing chorus of anti-WNBA voices (or even the exact Xerox of choruses of anti-WNBA voices, just a few days later); we're not huge fans of the WNBA, but we're not huge fans of the MLS either, and you don't see us piling on them. That said, we actually watched some of the WNBA Finals last night — the Cardinals were in a rain delay — and didn't find it all that visually compelling, and it had one of the worst calls we've ever seen in professional sports, one that might happen to cost a team a championship. Fortunately, it's the WNBA, so no one will really mind. But we were still amused by this note from a reader:

Funny story. Two Sundays ago we have a fantasy football draft with three people in Virginia, one guy in Finland (work reasons) and the rest of us in NJ. We go to the Yahoo chat rooms to set up a private room where we can communicate our draft picks. However Yahoo happens to be doing maintenance and doesn t allow us to create a new room. Our only resort was to hijack a room that no one was using. That room turned out to be the WNBA s Cleveland Rockers. We sat in that room for 5 hours and no fans turned up to talk about the team. We got a few stragglers here and there but, that s probably because most of them were wondering what the hell six people were doing in the Rockers chat room.

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(Update: A reader informs us: "One reason the Rockers' chatroom may have been empty is that the team folded after the 2003 season." Ha. Yeah. That might be it. As we said: Don't watch much WNBA. Sorry.)