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Won't Some NFL Team Please Give Anthony "Spice" Adams A Job?

Anthony Adams spent five years as a DT in Chicago, and four years in San Francisco before that. He's 32 now, toward the end of a lineman's effective lifespan, and was released by the Bears in February. He's spent the offseason trying to catch on elsewhere, so far unsuccessfully, but he's managed to stay busy, putting together a video called "Stuff NFL Free Agents Say."


Playing video games, making sure his house lights aren't left on, delaying his diet for a case of Capri Sun: Adams walks us through the life of a free agent, with all the downtime and ennui that entails. But there's only so much P90X a guy can do. So can't some team scrape together the veteran's minimum for Spice Adams? It'll be good for morale. If this video's any indication, he's a guy we all wish we could hang out with.

h/t Disco Choo

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