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Woody Paige And The Perils Of Public Displays Of Affection

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An anonymous reader sent in this photo of Woody Paige goin' around the tongue with a fine lass at the Big Game bar in Denver. Here's the background.


Woody Paige sucking face for about 20 straight minutes - I can confirm that she was much younger and pretty damn cute!!!

It was at the opening of a new bar here in Denver. He's a nice addition to the community and I know him pretty well.


As does she, my friend. No word on if she was a makeup artist for Cold Pizza.

I think we've all been there when it comes to the sloppy bar makeout session. It's a rite of passage, really. It's an experience that is both glorious and mortifying all at the same time. Notice no one is around the happy couple here. That's what happens when you spend 20 minutes in a bar feeding someone with your kiss. Everyone else fucking SCATTERS, creating an instant 50-foot buffer zone around the offending couple. No one wants to get too close, lest any stray saliva or groping hands get anywhere near them.

But if you're the couple sucking face, you don't particularly care about such matters. You're so busy tasting uvula that you don't give a flying shit if anyone is watching or, perhaps, taking photos. There's something admirable about that. At least, there is while you're doing it. The girl pictured here likely set fire to her own mouth the next morning to cleanse away the night. But hey, that's the price you pay for a precious moment of tonsil-lassoin' with a dude who wears funny hats on TV.

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