Worst-Case Scenario: Super Bowl Tuesday

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Nearly everyone is rooting for snow at the Super Bowl, because snow football is awesome. A little bit of snow, anyway. Today was the "oh god, what if it snows really, really badly and everything is shut down" press conference, and officials revealed their contingency plan: just have the Super Bowl some other time.


In the event of a big storm, one of those occasional nor'easters that shuts down roads and airports, the NFL is prepared to bump the game up to Saturday night, or postpone it until Monday or Tuesday. Or, if things get apocalyptic, the Super Bowl could even be held the following Sunday.

It shouldn't be a problem. The average annual snowfall in the area is about 27 inches each year, and it would take nearly that amount over the course of a day to screw things up badly enough for the game to be moved. And despite all the stupid handwringing about the Farmer's Almanac's prediction (the Farmer's Almanac is bullshit), it's probably not going to snow at all.

But even the league's VP of events is hoping for a few flakes.

"I think watching NFL football in the snow is really romantic," Frank Supovitz said.

Frank, you charmer.