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Dennis Rodman wasn't in attendance this year, but that doesn't mean that the Annual Wife Carrying Championships didn't go on without him.

The Uusorg family is dominating the event like Kobayashi, minus the "reversal."

Madis won this year (for the second time); following his brother Margo's win last year. And the prize is quite valuable: "plasma televisions and [Madis' wife] Klauson's weight, 49 kilograms, in beer." That's over 100 pounds of beer, people.

Madis summed up the risks of the dangerous course, and the reward well: "'I drowned in that pool, but at least my wig is still in place. Now for beer,' he said."


If they had this in Coney Island rather than Finland, there'd be no question whatsoever that we'd be there every year. If only Brett Myers could come with us!

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