Would anyone like to win the NFC East?

Washington COULD HAVE locked up the division, but they didn’t, and now the NFC East remains a mess.
Washington COULD HAVE locked up the division, but they didn’t, and now the NFC East remains a mess.
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When you see a car wreck on the side of the road, you look. You may not like that you look, but you do it anyway.


When the NFL flexes Washington-Philadelphia into prime time, you’ll watch because you need to see how this 42-car pile up ends.

Would anyone (seriously, anyone) like to win the NFC East?

Heading into week 16, the Washington Football Team had a chance to lock up a division title with a victory. But Dwayne Haskins got benched for Taylor Heinicke and the Football Team lost to the 5-10 Panthers.

Now, going into the final week of the season, there are three teams who could win the worst division in football.

Here’s how things currently stand in the NFC East.

  1. Washington 6-9
  2. Dallas 6-9
  3. New York 5-10
  4. Philadelphia 4-10-1 (OUT)

Washington has the clearest path to the postseason — they win and they’re in.

The Cowboys and Giants, who play each other on Sunday, also have a chance to earn a home playoff game. Whoever wins the game in New Jersey will root for the Eagles to beat Washington.

In 2010, Seattle became the first team to play a full season and make the playoffs with a losing record. That year, they won the NFC West at 7-9. Washington and Dallas could host a playoff game with the same number of losses. But no matter what happens this Sunday, no NFC East team will enter the playoffs with a winning record.

If, for some godforsaken reason, the New York Football Giants find a way into the dance, it’s safe to say that they’ll be the worst playoff team in NFL history.


The Giants can win the division at 6-10 because they beat Washington twice. New York also has a better divisional record than Dallas.

And honestly, with the way this NFL season has played out, don’t we deserve a 6-10 Giants home game in January? After all the outbreaks and rescheduling and general tomfoolery we’ve seen this season, we need a team that represents the NFL in 2020. We deserve a loser that pretends to be a winner.


But even if the Giants lose, there’s a wild scenario where Big Blue can still get a prime spot in the 2021 NFL draft.


By the end of Sunday, January 3, there won’t be any cars left to crash. One of these losers will drive off for one more week.

Then they’ll get wrecked by Tampa Bay.