Would LeBron James Be An Esports Legend?

When you’re conspiring to join forces on Team Liquid in 2024
When you’re conspiring to join forces on Team Liquid in 2024
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It is indeed one of the slowest sports weeks of the year, one in which basketbloggers no longer have Summer League to drool over, NFL access merchants try to get you jacked up for nascent training camps storylines that will be forgotten within minutes, the most exciting baseball thing to happen is the possibility of robot umps, sports talk radio hosts bust out the same sports movie rankings they always use (Bull Durham #1 again! Who’d have guessed?!), and I am once more reminded that the British Open is happening AS it is happening. You and I are trapped in dead zone, which is as good a time as any to wonder: Hey, if LeBron James decided at a young age to dedicate his life to being an esports god instead of a basketball wizard, could he have pulled it off? THAT, somehow, is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.


But, luckily for you, there are other discussion topics in play. Greenwell and I went ahead and did an entire Funbag podcast, answering all of your questions, wire-to-wire, about ideal french-fry receptacles, sweaty haircuts, Wimbledon, people on TV shows NOT saying goodbye before hanging up, and more. Somehow we did this for 45 minutes! What a time. Hang tight. Actual sports will come back to us one day, possibly years from now.

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