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Would You Eat A Peeled Banana That Other People Touched?

Manchester United’s Marcos Rojo brought a glimmer of excitement to an otherwise dull afternoon of Europa League soccer by eating a banana. United was up 1-0 over Rostov in the second leg of the round of 16, when Rojo, apparently, felt like he was cramping up and requested a nanner.

It’s unclear who actually peeled the potassium-rich fruit, but Mourinho handed it to a gloved Ashley Young, who was warming up on the sideline, who then handed it to Rojo, who immediately trotted off, munching away. Great teamwork and everything, but that’s at least two people, besides Rojo, touching the banana before it makes it to his mouth. That’s two people more than you would want handling a peeled banana you’re about to eat. Rojo didn’t seem to mind—would you eat that banana?

Reporter at Deadspin.

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