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WVU Hotel Room Videos Are No Less Embarrassing Than A Sex Tape

Let's face it: even without a curfew, there's not a heck of a lot to do in Buffalo. But, confined to their hotel rooms, the Mountaineers are making the most of it, acting like teenage girls at a slumber party.

Da'Sean Butler, Jonnie West, Joe Mazzulla and cameraman John Flowers spent last night at their hotel not going over playbooks for this afternoon's showdown, but generally making fools of themselves. Witness,


•Choreographed dancing to Haddaway (with bonus pantsing):

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•Lip-syncing to Brian McKnight:

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•And, of course, pillow fighting:

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Honestly, it reminds me of nothing so much as that first overnight field trip in Middle School. You're not really allowed to do anything fun, but damn it if you're not going to wild out in the hotel room.

(Thanks to reader Anthony for the tip)

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