She's just not into you, bro

WWE superstar Liv Morgan tunes out dude sitting next to her at Knicks game

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She’s just not into you, bro
She’s just not into you, bro
Screenshot: Twiiter/@KnicksNation

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the “bro explaining” meme. It shows a guy wearing sunglasses and a Houston Astros talking to a blonde woman about who knows what — hypothesized “and it was at that point when she realized that his Dad’s oil money wasn’t worth the bro tales” — all while she looks like she’d rather be anywhere else. Well, we may have a newer version on our hands after cameras captured WWE superstar Liv Morgan tuning out the bearded guy next to her at the New York Knicks-Charlotte Hornets game.

Morgan, real name Gionna Daddio, plays with her hair, doesn’t make eye contact, looks up and away, and doesn’t appear to mutter more than a “yeah” while nodding, as the unidentified man chews her ear off.


This caused the New Jersey native to trend on Twitter. Her response?

The 28-year-old is currently on WWE’s Smackdown brand, and will be part of the Road to Wrestlemania show at MSG on March 12.

If it doesn’t catch on, at least we already have a wrestling version of the meme featuring AEW’s John Silver and Anna Jay from “Being the Elite.”