Speaking of WWE’s shareholders, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Vince McMahon in Delaware this week. Scott Fellows is suing McMahon, accusing him of flaunting his more than 80 percent voting control of the company to impose his will on WWE illegally, per Bloomberg News. The lawsuit also mentions changes to the company’s Board of Directors and interfering with media rights deals.


While a WWE sale to Saudi Arabia isn’t in any way confirmed at the moment, it’s easy to connect the dots, with the company running several premium live events from the Kingdom over the last several years. It’s also possible this sale happens eventually, due to the massive amounts of money the public investment fund has, evidenced by the creation of LIV Golf and how the new golf promotion has courted many of the PGA’s top stars on lucrative deals. It’s also clear that Muehlhausen jumped the gun on a huge breaking news story.