On Tuesday, we brought you pictures from a reader who recently held a Game of Thrones-themed fantasy football draft. To our surprise, there are other people out there who like to play dress up while drafting a fantasy football team. This is a apparently thing that people do, and it's a thing that they take very seriously.

Reader Connor read our post about the Game of Thrones league, and immediately sent along the following stern message:

Let's do this right. If you are going to showcase a fantasy football league with a goddamn Game of Thrones theme, then you must showcase a fantasy football league with a classic WWF theme.

You heard the man, let's do this right. Allow Connor to explain the idea behind his league:

We don't have much in the way of fucking scrolls and rules. Only rule is as follows - don't show up on draft night in costume, your team goes on auto-draft. The rest is for the birds.

As you can see, this is the proper manly way that 30 year old hacks trying to relive the glory days should be acting. I'm sure these guys from the Game of Thrones league are solid dudes, but no question that the classic WWF theme is much more appropriate. Further, we don't draft in our mom's basement. We draft at a home of one of the team managers, with windows open, so as to create questions and intrigue from neighbors as time goes on. Oh, and no females allowed unless they are scantily clad.


So did Connor's friends show up in costume? Of course they did.

To start, we have Razor Ramon (points should have been deducted for lack of tooth pick) CORRECTION: The tooth pick is indeed present, I just missed it. My apologies to Razor:


And here's a pretty solid Rowdy Roddy Piper, although all your really need for a good Piper costume is a kilt:

And this, this is supposed to be Macho Man Randy Savage. Cool boots, though:


A strong Sgt. Slaughter:

Brett Hart and Hulk Hogan are up next. It looks like a valiant effort was made to grow a proper Hogan beard, but time must have run short:


The shoes really tie this Ted DiBiase costume together:

Jake the Snake even brought a fake python:


Jake the Snake would be my favorite costume of the bunch (he's even got fake snakeskin boots!) if it weren't for this last one. I give you Iron Sheik getting his balls nuzzled by a dog:

Thanks again to Connor for sending us the photos. If you are also a huge weirdo who participated in a themed fantasy football draft that featured costumes, do let us know.